Recent Work

NEW! Nerve – 2016

The Sex Number
“I never really thought about my “number” – you know, that invisible yet wholly real number of sexual partners one has in the course of a lifetime. Actually I’m lying…”

Untapped Cities – 2014

The Front Lines: Poverty and Homelessness in Southwest Yonkers
“THE FRONT LINES is a nonfiction assemblage of stories and photos detailing modern-day poverty and homelessness in southwest Yonkers, New York by MFA Candidate Rachel McCain. A police “ride-along” of gritty southwest Yonkers provides one of the threads in a collection of my encounters with homeless people, nonprofit employees, government officials, residents and others who work, live, support and represent the city.”

Westchester Guardian – 2014

In Yonkers, the Face of Homelessness Varies
A reprint of the BuzzFeed article.

Buzz Feed – 2014

In Yonkers, the Face of Homelessness Varies
“We’ve literally had to carry an elderly couple up and down the stairs because they couldn’t walk—that’s how old they were,” he says. “The ambulance came and just dropped them off, just like that. Happens all the time.”

Litro Magazine – 2014

NEW!! The Front Lines, Part II
“Women come to the shelter all the time, says Priscilla Gonzalez. But staff can’t make people utilize any of the organization’s services–even if they have children in tow.”

The Front Lines, Part I
“Tamika says she knew she wouldn’t have her rent money almost two weeks ago and had only recently mustered the energy to come down to The Sharing Community homeless shelter to try and get some help. She didn’t pay her rent because she spent all of her money on lotto tickets: she and a friend bought the tickets at a local convenient store. In an attempt to change her luck, she secretly swapped tickets with the friend, who won $400. Tamika won nothing, although her friend, feeling bad, gave her $20. She is now broke.”

The Write Life: When We Were Young
“I always assumed my friends were okay with the details of their lives appearing in my stories. After all, we kept in contact well after the narratives were written, so I presumed no one wanted to crucify my soul. Still, I never asked my friends their thoughts on what it’s like to see their antics in print. Until now.”

The Write Life: The Great ‘Unpaid Writing’ Debate, Part I
“It’s one thing if a company can’t afford to pay its writers – but would if it could. But when an organization voluntarily foregoes paychecks to benefit its owners/Milky Way galaxy/unknown/mysterious abyss – and not its workers? Unforgiveable.”

Ploughshares – 2014

Writing Lessons
“Sometimes, it’s bliss on a page. Sometimes the sentence is horrific, riddled with obscure details that lead to nowhere…”